CAS kit

CAS kit

شماره پروانه بهداشتی ساخت کالا:


کمپانی سازنده:

کشور سازنده :

کره جنوبی

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وضعیت :


قیمت :

58,500,000 ریال

توضیحات :

● The CAS-kit has been optimized for Hiossen·s Implant System. Please review the drilling sequence matrix below before starting surgery. Confirm the diameter of the fixture, the fixture·s height in relation to the sinus cavity and the volume of bone grafting material necessary for a stable implantation.

● CAS-KIT includes: CAS-Drill, Guide Drill, Hydraulic Membrane Lifter Set, Stopper, Bone Carrier, Bone Carrier Head, Bone Condenser

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